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How to Get Started on Your Visla Electric Bike

How to Get Started on Your Visla Electric Bike

The VISLA Foldie20 is a compact foldable electric bike. If you are thinking of ordering this bike from our website, you can read more about how to get started in this blog. There are lots of great features packed into this design. One you try it, you'll realise how versatile it is, whether you use it for cycling in the city or touring the UK on your holidays.

Classed as an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle, this e-bike is designed to give you a boost as you pedal. The 250W motor is controlled with 5 power settings, and with 6 speed shimano deraileur, you will be prepared for even the steepest inclines of the Peak District!

We love how easy it is to fold, and how the 36V lithium-ion battery is hidden inside the frame, in fact, it's quite hard to tell it's electric.

Notice that it's also a fully adjustable unisex design. So whatever your shape or size, it takes seconds to get comfortable on the Foldie20.

How Does an Electric Bike Work?

The electric motor is an integrated function which assists each pedal stroke, lowering the total effort required by the rider to get up to speed. The Visla has five different support modes to choose from that give you varying amounts of additional power as you pedal.

E-bikes have grown in popularity simply because they're so much fun to ride! The advantages to cycling are well documented. They help us to get out of our cars and to keep active. They help us to re-engage in our communities and encourage us to shop locally. Bikes help our cities to become less congested and contribute to decarbonising transport as a whole. It's not surprising that e-bike sales in the UK have grown by 60% since 2020. The electric-assist technology certainly helps more people get back in the saddle

According to a report by the Bike Association designed to look at the impact of COVID-19 on the UK cycling market, electric bike retailers have seen sales grow by 60% since March 2020.

It also fits into the government’s long-term plans to decarbonise the entire transport system in the UK.

The Visla Bike Foldie20 Quick Start Guide

The Visla Foldie20 arrives fully-folded and 98% assembled to your door. You'll find a full length user manual in the box. It's important to read this as it'll tell you everything you need to know about using your e-bike safely.
  • First check that all bike parts are present and correct. If there is anything missing, contact us right away.

  • Please ensure to place your battery on full charge upon arrival (charging time is a maximum of 4-6 hours). This is hidden inside the main tube of the frame. The battery can either be removed from the frame for charging or be charged while installed in the frame, while the bike is unfolded.
  • The Visla is equipped with folding platform pedals which you’ll need to assemble with the tools provided. Once assembled the pedal will fold away by pulling them outwards and lifting them up.

  • Your tires will need pumping fresh out of the box. It’s best to use a standard bicycle pump with a Schrader valve and pump 35-43 PSI.

  • Unfolding the bike couldn’t be easier. First open out the frame, and close the frame lock lever, making sure the safety catch snaps into place. Then lift the folding stem and secure with the quick release lever.

  • To adjust the handlebars to fit comfortably, you’ll need to use the quick release clamp on the folding stem. Make sure you observe the minimum insert markings.
  • The angle of handlebars can then be adjusted by opening the quick release clamp on the top and twisting to find optimum position.
  • Then lift the saddle and secure at the desired height using the quick release lever.

How to use the electric assist controller

The electric assist functions are easy to control. First of all, it's important to know that you should only switch on the battery when the bike is unfolded and you're ready to ride. The power modes are controlled by the buttons on the left side of the handlebar.

  • Switch on the battery.
  • Then switch on the controller. You'll need to press the power button for about two seconds until the LEDs light up.

  • Get to know the functions.
  • The charge and remaining capacity of your battery is displayed at the top of your display. The LEDs light up from left to right [1]. If all LEDs light up, this indicates a full battery level, if only the left LED lights up, the battery should be charged urgently.

  • To use the modes, always start without power assist. As you approach a hill, press the + button [2] to activate power assist. You might want to practice in a safe environment before embarking on a big ride.

  • The Pushing Aid is a great little function. To start, press and hold the button [3]. When you release this button, the pushing aid switches off automatically. Please keep in mind that the pushing aid is not a starting aid and can only be selected when the bike is being manually pushed.

  • To operate your lights [4], the controller must be switched on. They are also powered by the same battery which operates the electric assist, so it’s advisable to plan your rides and battery charging opportunities accordingly. With the controller switched on, press the button for the lights on your display. The front and rear lights will turn on. Pressing the button for the lights turns the lights off again.
  • The Visla user manual offers a more in-depth guide to how to care for your battery. Before folding the Visla or carrying out any light maintenance, please remember to switch the battery off first.

Added extras on the Visla

An integrated rear panier rack, integrated with sprung retainer and bungee, can hold up to 25kg, which is perfect for grabbing a few provisions at the local supermarket, or even for storing a blanket and food for a picnic.

You’ll find a nice addition to the bike under the on-off switch and the charging part where a USB port sits, enabling you to give your phone a little juice if you’re running low.

What else do I need to get started?

It goes without saying that a helmet and some form of hi-vis clothing are essential. A pump and lock are also two items which will make your life easier and stress-free on your travels. Check out our recommended accessories.

Your Visla is road-ready

You should be all set for your first adventure. Happy cycling!

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