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Five reasons to convert to an electric bike

Five reasons to convert to an electric bike

There has never been a better time to purchase an electric bike. Jumping on an electric bike is also about freedom and getting out and about to wherever you want to go, hassle-free. The added incentive here is an integrated function which assists each pedal stroke, lowering the total effort required by the rider to get up to speed.

As the financial squeeze on many households looks destined to continue for the immediate future, the ebike is looking like an even more feasible alternative commuting transport for those who work a manageable distance from their homes and don’t want to shell out on another car.

But it isn’t just the financial and commuting benefits an electric bike can bring. They are incredibly accessible. Anyone can hop on one for a leisurely jaunt, and they help encourage health and fitness without the rider having to overexert themselves.

Electric bikes are also perfect for those who love the idea of riding a bike, but are maybe resistant due to feeling their fitness isn’t what it could be, perhaps because of age or illness.

You may have previously owned a traditional pushbike and now have a desire to get back in the saddle. Or this might be a completely new venture you’re toying with embarking on, having been a devout petrolhead or keen commuter until now.

Whatever your situation, let us guide you through some of the valid reasons why owning an electric bike might be for you.

1. You can save money

Do you really need that second motor you’ve been debating about buying, or are you still able to manage as a one-car family?

For some an electric bike can be a financially appealing alternative to commuting via public transport or having to shell out for a second car and the various financial add-on’s which come with that, such as tax, insurance and fuel.

Using an ebike to work will ultimately save you a lot less than having to fork out for a season ticket travel pass or taking regular trips on public transport.

Any additional charges incurred after purchasing your ebike are likely to be possible future repairs and bike upkeep, alongside the electricity usage when recharging the battery, both of which dwarf the costs of maintaining and fuelling another car.

2. There's health and fitness benefits aplenty

Much like any form of cycling, riding an electric bike can be an excellent way of providing aerobic exercise.

Due to the several power modes available, you can regulate the amount of effort you want to put in to best support your fitness level and the challenge at hand.

Even if you opt for a less strenuous workout by engaging your pedal assist, there’s still a fair amount of physical effort required by virtue of you having to constantly turn the pedals and putting in the requisite energy to move yourself along.

And because of the added assistance going up steep hills and pushing through strong winds, you may find yourself being encouraged to travel further as it’s likely you won’t experience the same level of fatigue as you would using a push bike.

The Foldie20 also has space for a pannier, which is handy if you need a quick trip to the supermarket or if you wanted to pack some supplies for a longer destination on the bike.

The added ease with pedal assist also makes ebikes a social form of exercise. Unlike other group workouts, you’re still left with enough energy to chat with your friends as you ride.

3. They can offer the perfect commuting solution

Tired of being trapped in your car or having to navigate overcrowded trains or buses for what amounts to a relatively short commute? An ebike could be the answer to your prayers.

In many ways, an electric bike is the more logical choice for the work commute over a traditional push bike. You’re also still guaranteed to burn a few calories, but you don’t need to pedal too much.

The ebike really comes into its own when tackling climbs. Due to those different settings to assist your pedalling, you’ll find there’s a surprising ease to getting yourself uphill, particularly when using the highest.

Not having to put the physical work in during the incline means you’re less likely to want to stop after you’ve reached the summit to recover briefly. You’re more likely to press on, easing the pressure to get to your workplace on time, and meaning you won’t be faced with exhaustion upon your arrival, either.

Most people aren’t lucky enough to have shower facilities at the office, so by not overexerting yourself on the bike means you’re less likely to sweat as much.

And even though ebikes fall into the electric vehicle (EV) category, both road tax and a licence aren’t required, and you’re also still allowed to use the cycling lanes. It’s a big win all round!

4. An environmentally friendly alternative mode of transport

Whether you chose to ride a folding electric bike over using the car, you reduce your carbon footprint. Electric bikes are zero-emission vehicles while motor vehicles account for a fifth of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. The high level of pollution stemming from those emissions is a serious problem which has blighted many of the UK’s cities

The UK’s government’s aim is to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, so an electric bike is one of the best means in helping to contribute to reaching that ambitious and significant target.

5. They can improve your mental health and wellbeing

Aerobic exercises like cycling have been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise improves your mood because it has several significant impacts on your brain.

When you exercise and your heart rate increases, more oxygen is pumped to your brain which has been shown to help manage depression and anxiety.
Both cycling and walking release endorphins - hormones produced to help relieve pain, but also reduce stress and improve mood, which help to relax your mind and make you feel happier.

A better night’s sleep may also be on the cards, thanks to the anxiety-busting effect of cycling and being able to exercise in the fresh air. Being out in the open can also help bolster your positivity and leave you feeling restored. Think of it as an outdoor alterative to a session at the gym.

Always being alert and constantly mindful to the potential obstacles and dangers around you whilst cycling helps keep your mind sharp and can ultimately help in preventing cognitive decline.

But sometimes it’s the less obvious benefits which could prove the most helpful in this area, namely having the opportunity to bring your social life into the mix, be it becoming part of a cycling club or arranging a trip out have a group of friends or colleagues who cycle.

Coming together with likewise people for a fun, shared experience is as good as it gets when it comes to mental wellbeing.

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